Making Risotto

by Jenn on September 13, 2008

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I learned how to make this by watching Gordon Ramsay on “Hell’s Kitchen”….mmmmm

My first risotto was was a pea risotto like they make on the show.

How to make:

1. blend peas, chicken broth, garlic and basil in food processor.  Set in pot on Med. have more broth ready. (you’ll need about 5 cups if you do about 2 cups of rice)
2. saute some shallots and arborio rice in olive oil in large wide pot.
3. constantly stirring, gradually add  pea mixture to rice about a 1/2 cup at a time.  stir rice until rice soaks up the broth.  don’t let it sit too long and start sticking.  Once pea mixture has run out start adding broth instead.  continue until rice becomes creamy and soft in texture (this takes a bit of sampling/eating until you catch on to how it is supposed to be)
4. right when rice is just about done, add some more peas, just til they warm up and turn bright green.
5. take off heat, place about 1c. cooked in bowl, and garnish with parmesean cheese and fresh basil. 

So that’s my usual.  I did a little different this time doing tomato/pepper basil instead… – still used shallots, but –

1a. Made pesto – fresh basil, pine nuts, little bit of lemon, garlic, olive oil, salt, pepper
1.blended tomato/red pepper soup, and chicken broth together with a ton of basil. and used that instead of pea mixture.
2. sauteed shallots with rice
3. added soup mixture to rice, same way, about half way through also added chopped bell pepper and chopped tomato., when mixture ran out added broth.
4. added pesto mixture just towards the end
5. served w/ parm. and basil.

Tricks to risotto – don’t leave it for more than 30s without stirring.  Put the heat high to saute the shallots and rice, but then drop it back to medium or it will burn too quickly. only add more broth just as you need it, dont add too much at once – you dont want soup, you want the rice to soak u the broth.  It takes about 30 min, but this nice thick creamy rice is SO good!

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