Gluten Free Quiche Success

by Jenn on August 3, 2008

in Gluten Free,Meats

Well, almost a success.  You see, my fiance came up to visit and he’s allergic to gluten.  This means a standard crust is out of the question.  I do have a decent gluten free pie crust recipe, but for it I would have had to go to the store.  So instead I got creative and I made a crust using quinoa, parmasean and egg, and then for the quiche used asparagus, spinach, more parmasean, and prosciutto since that’s what I had in my fridge (that’s pretty much what I do with quiches, throw in food that I happen to have).  The crust was a bit hard to line the pie pan with, and I really should have sprayed the pan first to keep it from sticking after it baked, but overall it turned out quite tasty, and with some refinement, may even be suitable for entertaining…


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