Bread Attempt

by Jenn on August 30, 2008

in Budget,Pastas and Grains

Warning – this post is not gluten free!

So, with the help of my boss’s excellent cooking knowledge, I am attempting a bread recipe.  It’s from Mark Bittman (NYTimes’s “The Minimalist”).  The recipe can be foundhere with video here. The beauty? So few ingredients – flour, salt yeast, water.  I, however, am making a couple of changes.  I am substituting 1 of the 3 cups of flour with wheat flour.  And I don’t have instant yeast, I only have dry active.  So I got the yeast started with a 1/2 cup of water, once that was started i added it to the flour, and then added in the next cup of water.  So the total water was the same, I just used some of it to get the yeast woken up.  So hopefully it works! Now it is proofing overnight, I’ll see how it turns out tomorrow, and take pics!

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