The Art of Guacamole

by Jenn on May 12, 2008

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Everyone loves guac. Well, if you don’t you should because avocados are a fantastic staple in my kitchen. Some of my favorite ways to prepare avocados are by making a simple salad:

Jenn’s Simple Avocado Salad:

equal amounts 1 chopped avocado and grape tomatoes sliced in half
2tb. lemon juice (fresh squeezed is always better)
1/4 c. EVOO
Mix. and let stand for 10 minutes. serve and enjoy!

But my favorite thing to do is to make guac. and dip tortilla chips or even celery stalks in it to enjoy it’s goodness. It turns out my dad and I differ slightly in our guacamole concoctions, but we recently tried a new technique we found in our most recentCuisine at Home issue (by far THE most USEFUL cooking magazine I have EVER subscribed to), that I think I need to apply from now on. Normally, I make my guac pretty simple, no frills, but it’s satisfying every time –

[print_this]Jenn’s Simple Guac Recipe:
2 avocados
1-2 roma tomatoes squeezed out
around 1/2 onion
one lime squeezed
salt & pepper[/print_this]

My dad uses salsa instead of tomato, and uses a bit more onion I think. Still good though.

However, the technique Cuisine at Home taught me is that before you mush up the avocados, turn on the broiler, and slice the avocados in half and remove the pits. Place the halves, keeping their skins on, in the oven and broil them until they start to brown (2-3 min., watch so they don’t burn!). This gives the avocados a great flavor, and they don’t tend to oxidize as quickly (i.e. turn brown). After trying it once, I am going to do this from now on, it’s great!

Other ways to keep your avocados green – If my guacamole is in a bowl, I’ll place a sheet of seran wrap over it, and squish down the seran wrap so that there are no air pockets – i.e. the guac does not touch the air. Oxygen in the air causes it to turn brown, so by cutting off the air, it stays better longer. I also hear that putting the pits in the guacamole is pretty much an old wives tale, but I still do it, just in case :)

Ok, dinner time!

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