Chocolate Strawberries!

by Jenn on April 27, 2008

in Desserts,Gluten Free

So if you read my last post you know I was without my kitchen yesterday. But my strawberries just HAD to be used, and I really wanted to try out this new godiva chocolate. So, I didn’t make the effort to temper the chocolate, but actually just melted it in a pyrex bowl in the microwave at my friend’s house. Not ideal, but it seemed to work fine.

Instructional Note¬†– be VERY careful doing this! there is a high risk of burning chocolate in the microwave. If you are going to melt chocolate in the microwave, only do max 20 seconds at a time, and stir completely inbetween each heating. If it goes too long and some of the chocolate burns, the entire batch is ruined. It is much easier for someone not used to working with chocolate to use a double boiler in my opinion, cause it’s a lot harder to mess up this way, even though it sounds more complex it’s really not.

Well, I have to say it was a success. The chocolate melted quite nicely, with a very fine smooth consistency. Not lumpy or separated at all (I have had this issue with some other chocolate brands that I will never use again – in my opinion the best chocolates to use are vahlrona, scharffenberger, for really nice and ghiradelli for more every day).

I still want to do other things with it to test it out more, but so far, Godiva bar chocolate = great!

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