Prosciutto Wrapped Scalloped Pictures…

by Jenn on March 29, 2008

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Warning – this post is not gluten free!

haha I dunno if this will help or hurt my post about scallops earlier, but as my b-day present to my parents (yes, my birthday) I cooked them my proscuitto wrapped scallops, and remembered to take pictures this time – I was amazed at the seafood prices out east! I pay at least twice in the midwest for “fresh” seafood ($17/lb of sea scallops) as I did out here ($8.50/lb).  Amazing what location can do – while I am out here I will be eating and cooking seafood like it is my job while it is so readily available for me :)

By the way, food is very very difficult to photograph, this looked and tasted a lot yummier than it photographed.

Scallops cooking in yummy butter – you cannot try to be healthy and have this taste nearly as good:
Plated with pasta (my parents didn’t have linguine, so angel hair had to do), wine cream sauce, and LOTS of basil – and yes, I realized after I plated that the portion sizes were WAY too big, but mmm this is one of my favorite dishes and my eyes are always bigger than my stomach :) I also need a lot of help in plating so it looks pretty – anyone know of local “food plating” classes? haha I guess I just need a more artistic eye and a much steadier hand…


Sauteed asparagus and onions to go with:

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